Oldham Community Power will be launching their next community share offer on 1 April 2017!

Following our first share offer in the summer of 2016 that gained us 46 society members, our second share offer will be launched on 1st of April, with a target amount of £190k.

This money will be used to repay Oldham Council’s bridging loan that was obtained in order to complete solar installations on sites in time for the higher Feed-in-Tariffs.

We will be formally launching the share offer at the NEON Hub, where we have installed 11 kW of solar panels that are now producing electricity used by the community centre. The launch event will take place on Saturday 1 April at 2-4.30pm.

Get involved!

We have now installed 220 kW of solar panels on 6 sites across Oldham, all of which are now generating electricity. While this is a huge success, we want to make sure that Oldham residents have the chance to benefit from the money raised from this electricity.

Becoming a member of Oldham Community Power can be done with an investment of as little as £100, and we aim to give a return of 4% on investment and refund the initial stake to all investors over the 20-year project timescale.

We have listened to your comments from the first share offer, and it is now even easier to become a member of Oldham Community Power. You will now be able to purchase shares through monthly payments of as little as £10!

We want to make the share offer benefit as many people as possible in Oldham, and so please draw the new share offer to the attention of your friends and contacts who might share our aims and ambitions.

Detailed information about the share offer will be contained in our Share Offer Document, will be available at our website http://www.oldhamcommunitypower.org.uk/ from 1 April 2017. We will also be hosting and attending lots of events across Oldham over the next couple of months – look out for more information in upcoming newsletters, on Twitter and Facebook, and on our website!

New share offer launch Saturday 1 April!