The renewable energy installations undertaken by Oldham Community Power will all be owned by and run by the people and voluntary and community sector, with a priority on those based in Oldham. This is a true community energy project.

Ownership of the installations is through community share issues, with priority membership given to the residents, charities, and businesses of Oldham in the case of oversubscription. Community shares will be offered to the total cost of the installations planned in each phase, with each share having a fixed value of £1.

Everyone purchasing community shares becomes a member of Oldham Community Power, with a single vote given to all shareholders whether they hold 100 or 10,000 shares.

Oldham Community Power is run by a board of volunteer directors; all money raised by generating energy is kept local, through returns to investors and supporting local projects in the case of excess income. Supporting Oldham Community Power gives you and your community the chance to be rewarded for helping the environment!