Our share offer is now beginning to gain momentum, with an increasing number of investors showing support for the project.

One investor, 6th Generation Oldhamer  K. Winter, tells us why he has invested in the current share offer:

” I was delighted to share in Oldham Community Power’s solar energy initiative: putting solar panels on the likes of some of the town’s school roofs – including in Greenacres where I grew up.
Who’d have thought 60 years ago this kind of opportunity would ever be available ?
And how easy it is to be a stakeholder – with a minimum shareholding of only £ 100 ! “

There’s still time to join the increasing numbers of members and invest in the share offer, but hurry – the opportunity ends on 14 July 2016!

Further information about the share offer can be found here:

Share Offer Document

Why invest with us? an investor’s story