Uncertainty surrounding the UK’s economy is all around us at the moment, with more and more reports being released predicting significant rises in energy costs over the coming months and years.

Against this background of pessimism, Andy Hunt outlines why the current situation in the UK is actually making community energy an increasingly beneficial investment for investors and the groups benefitting from the energy generated in this excellent comment.

In addition to the benefits gained through lower energy bills for schools and community groups in Oldham, by retaining ownership of the energy produced in the communities around where it is used, the money gained by sale of the electricity will remain in Oldham and cause wider economic benefits to the borough.

Of course, to take full advantage of these positive outcomes, we need local individuals, community groups, and businesses to invest in the scheme; this can be done by investing anywhere from £100 to £100,000 in the share offer, which you will receive a predicted return of 4% on.

Community energy: an excellent post-brexit investment